Beer and Music pairings

Beer and Music pairings

01 Nov 2022

Beer and music are 2 things that are inextricably linked in our world. In the conception of the brewery we planned to have a banging sound system in the tap room and satellite speakers throughout the brewery and brewhouse so we’ve always had a soundtrack to a brew day. When it came to getting this love of music across to our customers we came up with an unusual method for doing so.
We decided to use Spotify codes on all our beers to have a personalised playlist for each beer, on every label there’s a code, simply open Spotify hit the camera icon in the search bar and scan the code. It takes you to an individual playlist that we think pairs perfectly with the beer.

Skoosh is a mix of our everyday bangers, the stuff we listen to most in the brewery and the music that plays in our tap room.

Krankie is a mix of Scottish shoegaze and indie, celebrating the weird and wonderful array of melancholy music from my home land. And one proclaimer's song because, well I just had to.

Zorc being a German lager I’ve decided to go for some krautrock, it was a worm hole I went into in my early 20’s when I was also just starting to get into exciting new beers, being introduced to German lagers ike Augustiner, Spaten, Haufbrau and Furstenberg. German lager and kraut rock will always go hand in hand for me.

For Oona we went for an east coast Hip Hop playlist, the beer style is linked to the east coast and so I felt a playlist of the best east coast hip hop was spot on.

Dinky to me is a beer for boring old Dads like me, the sensible types. So what could go better than a mix of old school country blues, folk and a couple of classic rock tunes. Tunes for the sophisticated man who wants sessionable beer and the sounds of authentically hurt feelings.

Have a little scan of your next can, enjoy our playlists and feel free to let us know if you think they pair well?

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