Garden party, a new British beer.

Garden party, a new British beer.

15 Aug 2023

It’s long been an ambition of ours to create something new to the beer world, In the UK
beer scene so many of our ideas come from other people’s beers and more often than not
from the US market. Of course no Idea is original but why not take inspiration and try and come up with something innovative and new. 
We wanted to create something that celebrates more European nuanced brewing styles and also crucially look at something much more sustainable by cutting out the reliance on hops from the other side of the planet.

The inspiration for this was looking back at styles of beer previously brewed in the UK and
Europe and using that as a starting point. The Uk had a great tradition of brewing Gruits before hops were discovered, Many contained a heady mix of hedgerow botanicals largely
forgotten today, We are surrounded by many great flavours with Angelica, hogweed,
meadowsweet and bog myrtle all having great aromatic compounds. Things like lemon
verbena and pineapple weed contain many of the desirable essential oils that give hope
there citrus and tropical fruit character.

Another source of inspiration was the Belgian workers ales, such as wits and Grissets- light ales with plenty of wheat and spicy estery yeasts that make them dry refreshing and full
flavoured. These ales were perfect for enjoying after a hard days graft and often incorporated fruit peel or spices.

For our new beer we decided to go somewhere down the middle, we’ve used a 30% wheat bill to nod towards the Belgian style and a more ester driven yeast, But we’ve combined that with locally sourced botanics that add the citrus element youd normally get form the hops. The result is a highly aromatic citrus beer with a crisp refreshing backbone and nice bitter finish. Each addition of the beer will change depend on what is in season with the idea always being a balanced sessionable beer full flavoured but low in alcohol. 

We wanted to create a beer that has a flavour profile and price point that will appeal to people across the beer spectrum and show that we don’t need to be looking across the pond for all our inspirations when we have an incredible array of ingredients and history to draw from right on our doorstep. 
Garden party will be available in 330ml cans and kegs and will always be one of the lowest priced beers in our range, we want to encourage people to try this beer and see what’s possible when you think outside the normal brewing parameters.

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